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Thinking of buying Allroad

spartacus68 Apr 14, 2016

  1. spartacus68

    spartacus68 Active Member

    I'm currently driving an A4 quattro avant (aka Amtrak locomotive), 2001 B5 A4 2.5 TDI Sport. At 175k miles, it's still in its prime. However, it needs the timing belt and ancillary belts done, so that's £700 straight off, plus I probably need to refresh the front suspension arms, so that's another £300. Front wings were resprayed, but once they go, then it's a constant battle.

    Always liked the look of the A4 Allroad, but what's your real-life day to day experiences like? I need the pulling power of diesel (occasionally haul a boat) plus the odd winter in Scotland can be severe. Love the reassurance of quattro and with winter tyres, it's unstoppable.

    I'm looking at the 2.0 litre diesel lump on a 2011 model. For me it'll be a keeper. I do most of the maintenance myself. I can get 44mpg on my V6. What's fuel consumption really like on mostly A-class roads?

    Bit disappointed in colour and equipment options. Ideally I'd want one in metallic blue, but it's either white or black, with the odd metallic gunmetal grey. Heated seats would be nice. Is that part of a comfort pack?

    Lights. Please tell me the headlights are half decent. The halogen headlights on my A4 are truly shocking.

    Any absolute essentials to have? I need a towbar, so not sure if the Brink kit that's on my A4 will swap over?

    Lots of question I know, but any help would be appreciated.
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  3. spartacus68

    spartacus68 Active Member

    Had to travel all the way to nearly Southampton for this beauty, a 600 mile trip home. Worth it, as it is absolutely immaculate.

    Ibis white, xenon adaptive lights, panoramic roof, leather and Alcantara trim, Audi drive select, satellite navigation, Bluetooth, dual zone climate, rear parking sensors, 18" alloys, stop/start, etc.

    Took the wheels off today to clean the rims. Genuinely surprised that Audi service technicians don't lightly grease the wheel hub. The wheels would never have shifted, and it's normally pouring rain on the side of a motorway when you get a flat. Rubber mallet to the rescue.

    Looking forward to picking up mechanical hints and tips. This car won't be going back to Audi for servicing.

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  4. toadusmodus

    toadusmodus Member Team V6 Team Scuba Audi A4 Audi Avant Owner Group S tronic

    Very nice! I'm sure you'll love it, I've had mine for 4 years now from new, and still think it's the best type of A4.

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