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I disagree that's not better........


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He didnt let it cool down! :)

I love scoobys, shame they have such a chavvy image these days, they are awesome machines.


Yes its diesel, now cry u lost
That 1st dude...

he is......

The stig!


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howdy quattro

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i saw olly clarke at the end of the season this year at snetterton and he's a ****** demon in that scoobaroo, but i do think the 1st vid is more impressive coz its purely for exhibition.


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impressive stuff by Block there

proper drivers though i saw at the weekend at WRGB - doing over 100mph down narrow stages on friday, ice everywhere and mahoosive drops at the sides


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Hey, thats nothing llike my drive along the M61, M6, M55 every morning........
Hmmm, only kidding...

That 1st video -- ****** AMAZING DRIVING !


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2 things

1. I think i could watch 10 hours of the first guy!!!

2. He would have to be your driver of choice for a bank raid!!!!


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That first video never gets boring! Seen it loads of times. I love the bit where he comes into a cone more or less backwards and then drives off! (3 mins in) And the sound!!! Practice or not... he knows how to handle that car.