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While the weather has been cold iv noticed my car hasnt been getting hot, changed the coolant and such but made no difference so I thought I would change my stat. Iv located what looks like the housing and removed it but no stat inside. The part iv removed is the plastic housing next to the sai on the engine block. Iv picked one up from euro carparts and they have given me a thermostat but my question is, is my stat that plastic unit, and is it map controlled or am i looking in the wroung place?? Car is a 2000 s3 apy cheers


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There should be a stat in the bud. Its a plastic housing with a two bolt fixing near the altenator.


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Thermostat is located in a housing that is hidden behind the alternator below the inlet manifold. Housing is held on with 2 10mm head bolts. It is possible to remove the housing and stat with the alternator in situ, but in my opinion, it is far better to remove the alternator for better access.


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Its easy enough to get the stat out without removing the alternator HOWEVER buy a new dip stick tube. Because its brittle plastic they snap very easily and its only £1.30 or so for a new tube..


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Thanks guys ill tackle that tomorrow. Iv just put a new tube on it lol so hopefully should get away without breaking it. Ill try an do it with the alternator in place as I will have to do it on my back but will see what happens. Thanks again


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It's easy enough to do it leaving the alternator there. You just need a decent 1/4" ratchet. Wobble extensions may help but I didn't have any at the time. They're 10mm with 5mm hex sockets in the center. Don't forget a new o ring.