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Thermostat change

bbb76 Mar 5, 2018

  1. bbb76

    bbb76 New Member

    Bought a 2001 A3 with the 1.8 APG (the least fun) engine, needs the thermostat replacing amongst other things. Have found lots of guides covering the 1.8T engines but nothing for the APG variant, looks very similar so not too concerned but access is more restricted.

    Has anyone with an APG engine changed theirs and can confirm that the alternator needs to come out?

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  3. Dohcwp

    Dohcwp Setting the Standard Team Silver Audi A3

    the thermostat sits in the same position on all the 1.8 engine blocks turbo or not, so its the same procedure as the turbo models. i dont recall removing the alternator when i had mine replaced.
  4. bbb76

    bbb76 New Member

    Different alternator mounting? When I tried last weekend I could get to the top bolt but not the lower - do they all have the allen head centre?
    Also found that the oil filler adapter has snapped and is held in place by the engine cover, will the filler cap fit straight into the cam cover?

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