The 'top-gear-ken-block-joey-from-friends-850hp-mustang-hoonicorn-going-all-sideyways' vid


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A ten minute vid of Ken Block shot by the BBC for the doomed Chris Evans incarnation of Top Gear.

This video seems to have slipped quietly onto the net after the Beeb got in a bit of trouble when Ken "overpaid & over here" Block was filmed doing doughnuts round the cenotaph. It was considered by many to be entirely out of order, and disrespectful of the fallen. Of course this bit of smoke and burnt rubber was far worse that from than the thousands of black cabs that do pretty much the same illegal u-turn there every week.

Anyway, you'll see picturesque Barking & Dagenham Ford works, Canary Wharf, The City, St Paul's, the arches at London Bridge, The Mall, Horseguards, Admiralty Arch, Bucking-Ham Palace, Westminster Bridge, & Parliament all desecrated with burnt rubber and a shouty V8, but no Cenotaph.
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