The S3 is going!


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After only 7 weeks I have decided to sell the S3. Nothing wrong with the car but having had a shake up at work and got rid of a couple of people who werent doing me any favours I have decided to spend more time out round sites and the S3 is just not suitable for riding round construction sites.

I have to say it has been and absolute pleasure to own for the 4000 miles I have done, it is equally as happy cruising down the motorway or doing a few wet laps of the ring, whilst all the time insipring confidence and begging to be pushed harder. My only real critisim is the bluetooth is nearly unusable in my car because of the background noise, Audi tell me this is normal!

On a side note I have just placed an ad for the Bilstien PSSS10's and H&R anti roll bars in the classified parts section if anybody is interested.


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Have sent you PM, but not sure the messages are getting thru or not, as I have tried twice with no record of it being sent.
But anyway if not already sold you have a buyer for the coilovers and ARB's here. So I will try and send PM again soon,
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