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I want your faulty electronics
After my granddad past away I given all of his AV equipment.
Old video, audio and photo kit.
His more modern stuff I sold and I kept the older items.

Due to the size and amount of some of the items I had to leave them at my dads and collect a bit, sort it out, collect some more and so on.

I've gone through it camera collection, sold all his digi kit but kept the Nikon and canon film units for my own use. I got 1 more 35mm film to use up then i'll send off all rolls. be a total of 6 rolls of 35mm film to develop.

The first trip to my dads I brought back the slides and projector. A total of 700 slides ranging from the 60s to the 00s. Nothing interesting really, just some pics of the family and loads of pics of bristol in the 60s to the 00s.

This trip brought back something a bit more interesting to share and its something I need some info and help on.

My dad does not mind what I do with this kit, so i'm going to keep whats interesting to me and flog/give away the rest.

I brought back this box of what I thought was full up of 8mm and Super 8mm films but it also has what I think is 8mm audio tape, 2 8mm handy cams and a slide viewer.

Here is some images.

The box.

First box with in the box had this in it. No idea on its value, if it works or any thing. I don't even know if I can still get super 8mm tape to test it out. Any information on any thing would be a great help.




Next item is another 8mm camera but a little bit more modern and it takes 8mm cartridges. Again, no idea about it working or if I can get the cartridges.





Apart from reels and reels of Audio and video tape with no markings on it there was a hand full with some writing on it.
2 seemed really interesting.
Is this Beatles Abbey Road Album

Ziggy Stardust album

And a Laurel & Hardy Movie

There is several movies about bristol Zoo from the 60s & 70s.
I will contact Bristol Zoo and see if its of any use to them.

I'm waiting on some parts to get this projector working

I need some help and advice on the audio tapes.
Does any know what sort of player I need to play the audio?
Also, check the folks lofts cause I don't mind having a faulty one and get it working, thats where the projector came from.

Thanks for reading.


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I want your faulty electronics
Might be worth posting this on the what hifi forum, or

I might pop over and say hello.

What a fascinating thread! Lots of retro cool there.

Your going to need a reel to reel tape recorder to play the audio, something in the lines of this:

Vintage retro Philips STUDIO 99 reel-to-reel tape player &free reel tapes 1960's | eBay
Be careful if you buy a reel to reel that you buy the right gauge though as there are pro units by TEAC and TASCAM and these only play large format studio quality tape reels.

I'll keep an eye on ebay and see whats out there.
I'll get the films going first and then the tapes.


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The "magical mystery tour" sounds a bit dodge ;)

Try and get some of these on Youtube ;)


I want your faulty electronics
The belts turned up for the projector and it all worked fine.

Ran a home made movie though and it worked. No real issues. the bulb seem to be miss aligned, so half the image was dark and the speed seemed a bit slow.

Thought it was time to try a proper film.
First film I tried was this one.

nd the stupid projector snapped it. grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Tried a home made one again and it snapped. great!!

Striped it all down, clean, oil and double check everything is moving correctly.

Put in the home movie again and it snapped it.

Looking at it in greater detail and manually moving the cogs so I can see whats happening when its going slow.
There seems to be a little 2 prongs where the film goes through a little gate near the bulb and lens.
Its not moving the tape down, so it goes tight and then snaps.
There is not much I can do about it as it looks likes it warn out. It worked for a bit and then started missing again. so i'm on the look out for a new unit.

I found this one on ebay.
Real Retro MEPRO 88 AUTO-THREAD Super 8/Single 8/Standard 8/Regular 8 PROJECTOR. | eBay
Just need a Reel to Reel now. :)


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You might be able to get the snapped reels repaired mate.


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I bought the above projector on off ebay and hopefully it should be here end of next week.
In time for some weekend viewing. :jump:

I've also secured a bit of classic B&O for my vinyl collection.

BeoCenter 2002

Just need to find a place to put it.
I can't wait. I can finally play my 12"s

Cool, love a bit of retro B&O! Beautiful stuff, we have headphones and home phones and they are very good. Spot on mate.


I want your faulty electronics
Picked this up today.

Watched a couple of films already.
Home made film about St Johns ambulance,some old western, some old cartoon and 1 Dastardly and Muttley in Their Flying Machines.
Now watching some thing called Classic Comedies with Mack Sennett, Keystone Cops, Lupino Lane, Monty Banks, Oliver Hardy, Shirley Temple, Larry semon and billy Gilbert.
Looking at the boxes and labels., I've got 2 Charlie Chaplin's and 1 Laurel & Hardy and then on to the home made items.