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Afternoon ladies and gents,

It's been a while!

Firstly, i would like to apologise for my lack of presence on the forum over the past 12 months and the lack of activity in terms of meets within the region.

I have had alot going on personally with family circumstances, alongside spending the majority of my time studying so the forum unfortunately had to be put on the back burner. Whilst the worst appears to have passed, my personal life will still be a somewhat demanding over the next 12 months as I continue into my final module of studying and family commitments. Therefore, i can make no promises that the forum will receive alot of my attention but i endeavour to dab my hand back into this....

Again, apologies for the lack of meets especially since the sun has made an appearance on the odd days, making it perfect for meets. So without further ado, i would like to get a meet in before the summer has totally ended....hence the awesome thread title :)

So, who's up for a meet? - I'm thinking of re-instating the Kestrel Pub, Harrogate meet that was originally planned with Phil / Matti.... giving most of us a nice drive out.

Weekend - Saturday/Sunday best? Friday evening dusk?

Let me know.



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Sounds good to me. Hope the studies bear fruit Shaun. A Saturday lunchtime would be best for me as we're just over 1 hour drive away from Harrogate and plod seems very active on the A1(M) so I can't do it any quicker. A while back we were considering another dealer visit - have you any experience of Sheffield Audi? I think they have a large dealership for this region.


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All good from me.... Anything to blow the cobwebs out of the exhaust....

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I'm in a similar situation to Shaun, life, just too busy and something has had to take a back seat - sorry gang.

Anyhoo, it would be great to get out and do some car stuff, so Saturday lunchtimes are fairly good for me.

Regards Matti


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Sounds good to me. It is possible Saturday afternoons will be ok with me. The earliest I could possibly do is 2/3 Saturday in September as I am waiting for a new part for the RS3 which I want fitting before doing any long distance trips and also have slight concern over brakes which sound like they are rubbing at around 15-20mph.
Currently waiting for a Haldex pump which shows be fitted next Tuesday all being well.


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Now had Haldex Pump fit and Haldex oil done on Tuesday. Now I have a slight issue with my front brakes and discs.
Issue is they will need changing within next 2,000 miles and apparently they will cost a small fortune which has come at a bad time as holiday has just been booked to Greece for a week at Xmas! :frown: