The Final Moments of my S3!


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Sep 4, 2003
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Solihull, Midlands
The money shot!

@rhubarb4 (Chris) was the brave passenger. Check out the sixth photo below! Where Chris's head is on impact! :ohmy: Lucky we was wearing helmets! :ninja:



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They are sickening pics.
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how the hell was his head in the back of the car!? What happed to the seat?
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Hope you're both okay! That looks like a violent one...
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Wow. I'm just glad you are both around to tell the story..
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A photo tells a thousand words !

Chris looks lucky he didn't snap some #+&@ up !!
In no way shape or form am I trying to spotlight rob by saying this, but...

These pictures serve PERFECTLY to demonstrate why I reacted the way I did to the bell end who had a go at me for fitting harnesses without a cage the other day. They're quite a perfect graphic demonstration of what happens.

When you are on track or road, in the event of a high speed accident three point belts and standard seats simply are not safe enough.

You can see what is happening to Chris's body there, his hips have come up, his seat has failed and his back has come up to match his neck, forcing his head behind the air bags (if they'd have gone off his body would have been forced towards Jo), if the front of the car had deformed he would have been pushed further to the back of the car.

This moves his body entirely away from the in car safety devices operating ranges.

Fair enough, Chris isn't dead. However this shows the requirement for better safety devices when you are planning on using your car on track, even if it is just once a year at an action day.

Just as a note for next years ADI or any future action days, if you go home with no incidents you're a winner regardless of times and overtakes.

(No disrespect to Jo, we all know he's a winner regardless)
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Sad tale of what can happen on trackdays. I'm a biker and have done a few td's, so have seen quite a few disasters. Thankfully, very few injuries.

So, whats done is done. Hope everyone is ok. Gonna let us in on the plans for whats next?
how the hell was his head in the back of the car!? What happed to the seat?
The seat looks broke, not investigated it, car is in my garage ATM. Can't believe a week has passed already! But the subframe is more than likely bent.

To be honest, I hadn't plan to get these pics, why would I want pics of me smashing my car up? But once I saw the pics, and realised I don't remember the 720 after the impact, plus Chris really wanted the pic of him almost sitting in the rear, I went halves with him for all the pics above on a disc as a momento.
Hang on.

You smashed him into a barrier then made him pay for the pics?

******* lol.

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****** hell! Makes me think of the accident I had in my old a3 when somebody turned across me whilst I was overtaking them after they had just pulled out in front of me.

Photo 0084 jpg

flipped and rolled over 3 times, windows imploded and the car filled with hard-core flying around like a washing machine

I had no idea I'd flipped and rolled it tbh, the witness behind me told me that
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****** hell! Makes me think of the accident I had in my old a3 when somebody turned across me whilst I was overtaking them after they had just pulled out in front of me.

View attachment 42775

flipped and rolled over 3 times, windows imploded and the car filled with hard-core flying around like a washing machine

I had no idea I'd flipped and rolled it tbh, the witness behind me told me that

Mine is nothing compared to that! :ohmy:
Not nice viewing these... Just glad you and rubber neck are ok... Are the wheels still serviceable?
Thankfully you connected with the tyres and not the concrete wall as it would have been a lot worse. I think the photos show the value of helmets in a car when on track.
are you some how saying he is lucky he hit the tyres???
No I am saying the damage to the car and himself would have been worse had he hit the armco or a wall. It's obvious that cars must go off there every now and then because of the tyres with the belting in front of them.
JoJo of course was unlucky crashing there. When driving cars on the limit there is only a small margin between looking really good and binning it .
Yes, of course lucky, but if you look at the first few pics, I had opposite lock slightly, which may have helped pulled me away from the Armco.
Sorry to see this thread, Glad your both still here, and 'Alex C''s pic will make me never want to overtake again !
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Those pics are quite shocking to see...lucky you both came out of it ok and at the end of the day as parents always used to say 'a car can always be replaced!!'
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oh dear jo jo what a loss ov"e such a nice car hope you are ok tho
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Oh joe :(

Such a shame mate.

Don't worth though, im sure things will be allwhite sooner or later!
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I'm not surprised that your seat broke with fathead in it.

An impressive end to a tidy car and such a shame.
But, you all live which is what counts.

Time to treat it like Steve Austin and make it better.

P.S. Your mirrors survived. I guess that's a bonus!!
I was wondering who's this was.
I was sitting nervously in my TT waiting to go on track only to be told we would have to wait 10-15 mins as someone crashed.

I saw your car in the compound and first thought was "I hope he's ok" so it good to hear you are both ok.

Cars can be replaced and plus you have some great pics to show off when sitting as an old man in the bar in 30-40 years time ;)
I'm sure Jojo will have this all wrapped up soon enough.
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Jo, I see you lost your controversial Quattro badge off the front of the car, did you get it back or not?
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Wouldn't have crashed if it wern't for that daft badge! haha.

Loving the subtle hints appearing in this thread now :laugh:
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Mate, gutted for you... Could literally feel it in my stomach scrolling through those pics knowing of an iminent impact.

Did you have one of those weird "maybe it's ok" moments and try to continue driving on track? . .

When I cart-wheeled my first A3 the first thing I tried to do was start it and drive away, which was obviously never going to happen!

I dunno, must be a shock thing.....
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