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The Dugs....

AndyB-S3 Dec 16, 2015

  1. AndyB-S3

    AndyB-S3 Well-Known Member Team Panther Team Samoa Orange Audi S3 Audi TT

    Just a few pics of my in-laws dogs. We had them staying the past week whilst they were on holiday. Had loads of fun in the garden getting them to pose for me. Lol.

    Oh..and i got a new iMac so have to have excuses to spend more time on computer without wife going mad... Lol.

    Better quality images are onmy Flickr page. ;-)

    uploadfromtaptalk1450306442472.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1450306467888.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1450306498442.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1450306522762.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1450306543314.jpg
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  3. Jake 61

    Jake 61 Teacher of bad things..! Team Brill Red Team V6 Gold Supporter VCDS Map User quattro Audi A3

    Nice captures Andy, dogs are not the easiest of subjects when it comes to grabbing a photo.

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