The DIY Shop Tackles B7 A4/S4 Bumper Reflectors


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The DIY Shop at has spent some time working on providing the Audi community with B7 color matched reflectors.

We did testing on the DIY Shop's 2006 B7 S4 to find out the easiest and most efficient way to complete this popular mod.

The S4 and A4 differ in procedure due to placement of components both under the hood and behind the rear bumper.

There are two methods for replacing the reflectors, both WITHOUT bumper removal. On the S4, due to a packed engine compartment and placement of the quad exhaust, reaching behind the bumper to remove the bumper reflectors is nearly impossible. For this reason we recommend drilling out the reflectors as seen in the following DIY:

This method requires you to purchase new reflectors at a price ranging between $32-40 (depending on stealership). Then, you would need to get the new reflectors painted before reinstalling.

On the A4, you can reach behind the wheel wells and rear bumper to press out the clips that hold the reflectors in. Although this method is more difficult, some people would prefer doing this without a drill. The DIY for that method can be seen here:

Now on to the pictures of The DIY Shop's exclusive pre-painted B7 reflectors. BEFORE:




The DIY Shop now carries pre-painted OEM bumper reflectors for both the B7 A4 and S4. They are painted by a certified automotive refinisher to your specific paint code, supplying you with the highest quality finish possible.

Please visit The DIY Shop at for the best value in painted bumper reflectors!