The Best Racetracks in the World

There are many great racetracks worldwide.

Monaco circuit

Whether that’s due to track design or pure racing heritage, the finest circuits offer a stiff test of driver technique and bravery. Several of the best circuits can be found in Formula 1, which remains the most watched motorsport worldwide. That’s despite it looking like one-way traffic in the 2023 F1 World Championship, with Max Verstappen now priced as short as 1.062 with bet365 to win his third world title. This operator is highly regarded by oddschecker for its promotions reserved for first-time users, as well as the competitiveness of its odds.

Below, we’ll explore the finest motor racing circuits on the planet, including tracks serving F1, IndyCar, MotoGP, and even GT races.


Monaco is one of the most interesting and unique racetracks in the world. This tight and twisting circuit weaves its way around the streets of the principality of Monaco. It is used primarily for the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix, though many other championships race on it for a few weeks each year.

In recent years, F1 races have become somewhat processional around the circuit as drivers have struggled to overtake due to the increasingly large cars in the series. However, for most fans, this doesn't take away from the magic of the circuit.

Monaco is a unique case. The glitz and glamour that surround the track are often more interesting to fans than the race itself. Each year, the harbor is lined with superyachts as the world's rich and famous come to join the party.

This atmosphere isn't only reserved for motorsport. Monaco is host to several other sporting events, including one of the most prestigious rounds of the EPT which takes place at the Casino de Monte-Carlo each year.

Laguna Seca​

Laguna Seca is in Monterey County, California. Its name comes from the Spanish for ‘dry lagoon’ as the circuit is built on a dry lake. Over the years, the track has hosted everything from GT racing and the Pirelli World Challenge to MotoGP; since 2019, it has also hosted IndyCar.

Laguna Seca is a challenging circuit and generates a lot of close and exciting racing, but it makes it onto the list of great racetracks because of one corner - The Corkscrew.

Chicanes aren’t usually track elements that fans or drivers particularly enjoy as they are typically used to slow cars down on long straights to improve safety. But the Corkscrew is different; this left-right chicane drops more than the equivalent of three storeys from entry to exit, creating an incredibly difficult challenge for drivers.


Suzuka International Racing Course in Japan was built by the Honda Motor Company as a test track that it could use to push its vehicles to the limit. To do this, the manufacturer designed a circuit that contained every possible type of corner you could imagine, including sharp hairpins, sweeping S-bends, and high-speed turns that test a car’s performance and a driver’s bravery.

It hosts Formula 1 and a range of top domestic championships each year and has been the venue of several major F1 championship showdowns.

Spa Francorchamps​

Spa Francorchamps circuit

Located in the Ardennes Forest in Belgium, Spa Francorchamps is a fan and driver favorite. It's got a long history at the top of motorsport, hosting Formula 1, the World Endurance Championship, and other major competitions for many decades.

It contains several famous corners, including Les Combes, Clanchimont, the Bus Stop, Stavelot, and La Source. However, none are as famous as the Eau Rouge chicane. Sitting at the end of a long straight after the first corner, it sees cars change direction twice as they climb the steep hill.

Modern F1 cars can take this corner flat out and the bravest drivers will even attempt overtakes through the turns. As they fly up the hill, drivers will experience 4G of force pushing them into their seats.

Unfortunately, the high speed does mean that the slightest miscalculation can result in spectacular and horrific accidents. Nevertheless, this challenge is why so many in the sport love it. In fact, two-time Formula 1 World Champion, Fernando Alonso, described Spa’s Eau Rouge corner as the greatest in the history of motorsport.
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