The best exhaust sound you've heard

RS3 S.

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My RS3 with the factory sport exhaust!!!!. Started it up the other day in the petrol station next to a Nissan GTR, mine was louder!!.

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DB6 Volante exhaust note , really is something to behold and its not just the sound of it, the vibrations you feel are something else....

having had first hand experience of one ,this vid clip is quiet, they are loud in the flesh.

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Vauxhall Monaro (5l v8?) which must have had some work done, flew past me and sounded like rolling thunder!


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Let's get a couple of our own in here as a nice thread resurrection!

Don't be too underwhelmed at first with this one as the valves are shut first go.

Then the classic GoTTzilla from 2006!



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My first car, little Metro 1984 while travelling to have a new exhaust fitted due to a hole.
Well I thought it sounded good :racer: