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The best custom jewellery for your interior

SportShifters.com Jun 5, 2018

  1. SportShifters.com

    SportShifters.com Site Sponsor Site Sponsor

    If you'd like something really special and unique, one of our SportShifter kits are one of the best things you can buy for the interior of your car.
    Right in the center and always in sight is where our kits can make a World of difference.
    And for even more personalization, we can also engrave a personal text or logo if you like.

    But not only does it look the business, it will also enhance the feel and add more sportyness to the shift behaviour.
    Our shift knobs are designed to be the best you can buy performance wise, either in conjuction with the original shifter assembly or with any after market short shifter assemblies.

    Some examples of the incredible kit send off lately, in the Gallery on our website there is more food for inspiration if you like.

    RS4V8GT1Rzwart1.jpg RS4V8GT1Rgeel2.jpg AlcanzwmetwitPistonQUATTRO.jpg AnozwleerzwmetroodRS4GT3b.jpg zwleerS4GT3.jpg RS4V8FB1.jpg RS4V8FB2.jpg RS4V8FB3.jpg ANOzwleerzwGT3RS4.jpg AllroadQTROzilver.jpg Allroadquattro.jpg WM3.jpg

    You can order directly in our webshop: www.sportshifters.com
    If you have questions or need any advice, don't hesitate to contact me.

    Roy - SportShifters.com
    Last edited: Jun 5, 2018
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  3. aarroncolley

    aarroncolley Registered User

    Do you do these for 5 speed sline models ?

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  4. SportShifters.com

    SportShifters.com Site Sponsor Site Sponsor

    Certainly mate, only difference is we don't engrave the slot and 6 so everything else is identical.
    On the website you can simply opt for 5 speed at option "shift pattern"
    aarroncolley likes this.
  5. Rob Avant

    Rob Avant Registered User

    Very happy with mine, beautifully made and looks the business :rockwoot:

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