The best/Cheapest place to get motol performance brake fluid?

S3 Paul

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As alot of people on here swear by the stuff im going to give it a try,
A friend of mine with an STI scooby is also looking to change his.
Im guessing we will need about 3.5 ltr between us?
Where does it at a good price?
Ebay and Opie oils site show it at about £17 per 500ml bottle.

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£12.99/500ml +vat here


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Bills is cheaper.. Lol sorry bill, should of remembered that you had it.. Buy it from Badger 5..! (advertising for ya ;) )


My other car is a MINI!!!!
isn't it also the RBF660 you sell Bill?

I got 1.5 litres of RBF660 from Bill recently, and it's great stuff!


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Used this on my Subaru a few years ago before doing a track day, it was fantasic. Very little brake fade
Well recomended and a decent price with bill
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S3 Paul

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