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The Audi has let me down

joinerman Feb 8, 2019

  1. joinerman

    joinerman Well-Known Member

    For the first time
    Did a job in the workshop for a mate this afternoon & dropped off on my way home, swung into his drive in front of his two cars & turned engine off steering nearly on full lock, chat for five minuets & go to start car & steering lock is jammed solid, no amount of trying to turn the wheel & wriggling the key would free it off, there's no feeling of moving tumblers as you put the key in, got a lift home to get spare key & cadge another lift back but spare key won't work either, so there it is blocking my mates cars in unmovable, got a mobile locksmith going round in the morning.
    All this while the heavens opened.
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  3. Ron240

    Ron240 Breaking the stereotype Team Ara Blue Gold Supporter S3 Saloon Black Edition

    Assuming your car must be more than 3 years old then. You must not belong to any breakdown association either in that case. :(
    I deliberately avoid parking my car with the steering on full lock....not really sure why....just think it puts more strain on things when starting the engine.
    Not a good situation to be in....so I feel your pain. :(
    I think it should be something fairly simple, so hope you get it sorted.
    Will be interested to know what the problem was.
  4. joinerman

    joinerman Well-Known Member

    Locksmiths been and the ignition switch/barrel has bust, he cut a copy blade off of my plastic key and used a pair of mole grips to force the key round to release the steering lock and start the car but it was a one off get you home fix, got car home but it won’t work any more, got to order new parts from TPS tomorrow
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