The Audi Experience in Popular Entertainment Media

Audi R8 2

Audi vehicles are the crown jewels of the Volkswagen group. There is no doubt about that. These vehicles come at affordable prices for every budget and for every need, always performing at top level and always getting the highest grade in terms of reliability. As for the design, Audi models occasionally resemble vehicles that have come out from a sci-fi movie. A very good example of an Audi vehicle that has been around for quite some time is the Audi TT, which is a model that many fell in love with after watching I, Robot with Will Smith.

Audi and Other Vehicles in Popular Gaming Media

Those who play video games and who enjoy racing-themed games know all about Audi supercars. The realism in games like Gran Turismo makes players feel like they are driving a real-life Audi R8, a real-life TT and a real-life Sport Quattro – among other vehicles, of course. GT games are not the only gaming car racing option. There are also games such as The Crew and Need for Speed, but Gran Turismo is definitely the most recognisable franchise in the world of gaming. Those who are interested in video games with cars know exactly what to look for when they access the gaming libraries of popular gaming providers.

Audi and other Cars in Movies and Series

If you are an Avengers fan, then you have probably watched scenes where characters like Tony Stark are showcasing their Audi vehicles. The Iron Man and Avengers movies made people fall in love with the R8, and as a result, Marvel became one of the best advertisers for the German car manufacturer. The sales and profits after every Marvel movie, every Marvel event and every Marvel series show that viewers liked what they saw and that they felt that an investment in a new Audi vehicle would be worth the money spent for its purchase.


Cars in Alternative Gaming Media

Apart from traditional gaming, racing-themed games can also be found in genres that satisfy different gaming needs. A very good example of car racing-themed games can be found in slots like NetEnt’s Drive Multiplier Mayhem or Quickspin’s Wild Chase Tokyo Go, which one can find in the gaming libraries of popular online casinos. These games will not put the players in the driver’s seat of a vehicle like Gran Turismo, but they will offer an equally enjoyable experience with their amazing graphics, their music, and their bonus round animations.

It may feel weird, but the characters of the most recognisable racing-movie franchise, The Fast and the Furious, have never driven an Audi. Vin Diesel, the late Paul Walker and dozens of other F&F characters have driven Japanese cars, American cars, British cars, and they have driven tanks, airplanes and trains, but somehow, they have never driven an Audi. In the long list of Fast and the Furious vehicles, one can find Mazda cars, Ferraris, Toyotas and loads of other vehicles from all over the world.

The list even includes BMWs, Volkswagen and Mercedes vehicles and this shows that the producers have nothing against German cars, but for some reason, the fans of the franchise have never seen a character drive an Audi during one of the ten movies that were released over the last 23 years. One can never say never of course. F&F 11 is already in the works and maybe, just maybe, fans will get to see Vin Diesel, John Cena, Brie Larsson or Michelle Rodrigues drive an Audi for the first time during the lifecycle of the franchise.

Audi R8
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The Audi Experience in Popular Entertainment Media

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Audi vehicles are the crown jewels of the Volkswagen group. There is no doubt about that. These vehicles come at affordable prices for every budget and for every need, always performing at top...