Terrible Adrian Flux Quote Experience


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Apr 8, 2018
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Just had a bizarre experience with someone from your quoting team, the lady I spoke to had no emotion wasn't really rude but just not a nice experience, she was very accusatory when I said I had a correspondence address and an address I lived at.... this has not been a problem or even asked by some other quotes I've had today. In the end you came in over £300 more expensive than the other site sponsor and other quotes I've had ! I asked wether maybe we had something wrong for there to be that disparity, at this point she didn't even let me ask what the cover included or any other details just dropped the call and transferred me to another random company "Wiser Connect" the guy on the end of the line couldn't transfer me back, so didn't get to finish my conversation about my quote with you...

All in all abit of a rubbish experence .....
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Sounds like the person you were speaking to needs more training in how to deal with customers. :angry:
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Hi there,

Sorry to learn of your recent experience and we do take our customer journey very seriously. I'd ideally like to investigate this for you - could you possibly provide me with your full name / postcode via a message and I will look into?

Without viewing the details I can only advise that we do also take our customer due diligence very seriously too. Having a correspondence address not the same as your residential address would be considered a 'material fact' and many of our insurers would indeed ask why. For example you may live abroad for a certain amount of time which will have an effect on cover, you may live on a Houseboat or Caravan or spend time touring away from the vehicle.

What can seem an intrusive and irrelevant question can have a significant bearing for your insurers. Just to explain our situation and I'm happy to look into this for you.

Kind Regards,

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Thanks will PM. My issue is not that the question was asked but the way it was asked . Her tone was accusatory like I was trying to hide somthing ! Not very pleasant to have the assumption that I am lying !
Clearly not an isolated incident . My wife called AF today for a quote The guy that answered was nothing short of unhelpful and didn't seem to have any interest in explaining the policy on offer .

Sticking with Chris Knott , now they do understand customer service and its importance .

Poor show Adrian Flux.
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I'm genuinely confused by what risk profile's theyre interested in these days. I was quote over £3000 a few months ago and that was on condition of a tracker being installed. Ended up with a mainstream insurer with all mods declared and covered for £600. That was a phenomenal deal but even most other insurers were quoting around £1000 with no tracker requirement.
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That's a crazy quote mate . Funny enough we had our A3 2.0 TDI S-line remapped . Nothing staggering. Just stage 1 , took it from 150 bhp to 195bhp . Word an extra 80 quid fully comp . Seriously .....
Adrian quoted 2500 for s3, Double the quote I already had from renewel. Waste of time.
I was with adrian flux quite a few yrs back .... was quick to take payment ..for a heavily modified car ... but then subsequently kept sending me emails . For confirmation to different mods ... proof ect. I Say was and here is why never again .. I arrived home from working away for two weeks "normal for myself" being an electrical sub contractor for off shore . So was unable to find my replys to emails due to nature of work . I returned one day to find my car had been reversed into whilst away . I was some 6 months into my policy with full NCD . Later found out that all this time that they were contacting me .,That my policy was not actually live .. so I in theory I had been driving my car with my wife & CHILDREN in . Uninsured but paid UPTO DATE ... When I discovered this they then had the cheek to demand a cancellation FEE...
We tried to insure a van with them, got a quote, took out the insurance and then were advised there was something that hadn't added in, despite us giving all the information requested. This then caused a large increase in the premium which we decided was too much and we had been quoted less by other companies. They advised us that despite being in the 14 day cooling off period, technically they have covered the van for a few days and so this and some other things would be deducted from the refund, so we got about £50 less and still no cover for the van. Incidentally it's in a Garage currently having the engine re-built so not even on the road and I could have proved this, if they were in the slightest interested. We managed to get cover from another insurer for about £30 more than the original Flux quote, they wanted another £80 but the whole experience just smacked of a scam to get more money out of us and I would not use them again for that reason.
I filled a online form out with Adrian flux expecting a quote to be sent,fair enough it was for a unregistered imported car so needed specialist cover,but cover is needed before it can be registered.
This morning I got a phone call about the quote and they will transfer me to Adrian flux? Who is the i between company here I wonder and why?
This person then transferred me to a woman that was obviously on a internet phone as there was lag and a lot of background noise meaning she kept asking me to repeat myself,she was asking same questions that I had already answered on my quote application,sorry but I have more important things to do than keep repeating things.
I actually rang them back and got a better line but still had to go through all the lengthy process again,at which stage they came back with a 800 quote,bear in mind that I have got quotes as a imported Australian car for as low as 370 but they require a reg number to procceed.
I do expect to pay a premium due to it having to be insured on the vin rather than the reg,but double is taking the mick I feel,it’s exactly the same car!
Anyhow I declined the quote at which stage they mentioned they have a company they deal with that has said they will be more competitive price wise,I queeried this and he mentioned he will transfer me to them and they only ask a few questions......................15 mins later and having to go through all the same questions as previous they inform me that they don’t have any underwriters that will cover me,however they can transfer me to another company that will,think she said it was called rainbow or something,anyhow I had been on the phone for long enough at that stage.
Insurance companies .............blah.
A lot of these so called specialist insurance companies have for me been no cheaper & in more expensive than Churchill/Admiral that I've used over the last few years. One even refused to insure my 2016 RS3 as it was too expensive!!!!!!!.
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