tdi tuning boxes experience anyone?


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I had an older gen 1 TDI tuning box and it started to throw up fuel rail pressure sensor faults so I took it off in the end mate. May have just been a bad unit I had though.

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Had a DTUk item on my BiTdi (313) provided you didn't push it too much it was ok. Unfortunately when you wanted the beans it would sometimes just cut out. Not quite what you needed there. Seemed to regen more frequently too. When it was working it was quite effective.

Moved to SA Tuning trutune now and highly satisfied with it


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The reason I avoided tuning boxes was reading about too many DPF regens/blockages.
They fool the ecu into injecting more fuel.

The satuning above are an actual tune instead.


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Thanks guys. I'll take a look at this SA Tuning thing. Never heard of it.

Carista module arrived in the post this morning so I'm going to play around with that tomorrow.