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tdi 170ps - Replacing the DPF

dubdemand Jul 20, 2011

  1. dubdemand

    dubdemand VAG Addict

    Well I had all four injectors replaced by Audi yesterday FOC which was the good news, the bad news however, was when they advised me that the DPF needs to be replaced and due to a faulty sensor it has coked up far more than its meant to and is currently in a dangerous state.

    Further to this I apparently have oil in my coolant due to a cracked oil cooler. This also needs replacing and I need the coolant flushing to get rid of all oil traces...

    In total Audi are looking for about £2K to have the above done - just what I wanted before we are meant to be going on a family holiday to Corwall!!!

    I will be ringing around this afternoon to find cheeper quotes but am interested to know what other options I have and what other peoples experiences have been... any help is greatly appreciated!

    I have noticed some companies doing DPF removal and re-map for the same price as a new DPF but there are concerns over the new MOT regs...
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  3. Triple.O.G

    Triple.O.G Registered User

    DPF removal and remap is WAAAAY cheaper than a new DPF, it's def the way to go, don't worry about MOT it'll sail through, mine is same engine but Audi didn't put DPF on it, if you remove it your pretty much left with what I have.
  4. mm707

    mm707 Registered User

    How can you tell if your car has a dpf or not ?

  5. Triple.O.G

    Triple.O.G Registered User

    Post 56 plate 2.0tdi 170s have them, also some of the 3.0tdi's but I'm not sure which?
  6. lespaul

    lespaul Registered User

    I have some questions, sounds to me like they are trying to make some money back.

    1) I would think that if you had oil in your coolant you'd see the oil in the expansion tank. It would look like a glass of Baileys Irish Cream
    2) How on earth does the oil get into the water from the oil cooler?
    3) An engine flush is dead easy to do yourself, once you have got the oil cooler repaird/replaced
    4) Is the DPF removal a complete removal as in no longer on the car or just the delete
    5) How much is just the DPF removal?
  7. sidibear

    sidibear Going with the flow. Staff Member Moderator

    1. It just goes a browny rusty colour
    2. Its a water cooled oil cooler
    3. You have to keep doing it to get all the **** out, or your new pinky coolant also inherits a browny glow.
    4. I have no idea what a DPF is.
  8. dubdemand

    dubdemand VAG Addict

    Thanks for the advice guys. I have managed to speak to a mechanic today that suggested that he may be able to clean the DPF out as he has managed to do it on other cars (although he did say he hasn't done it on an A4 before). Fingers crossed this will save us some cash!?!

    DPF is Diesel Particulate Filter which reduces the carbon emmissions from the exhausts. It is intended to get slightly clogged up and when that happens the engine goes in to a re-gen mode and burns off the carbon build up. In our case it's done lots of miles and also has a faulty sensor so the carbon has built up to the point the car cant burn it off in a re-gen.

    Still tempting to lose it all together and have the re-map but I'm worried that that the new MOT will demand that it's there and working :(
  9. unikarl

    unikarl Registered User

    It defo sounds like the nice folk at Audi are trying to re cuperate some of there losses.... Your DPF can more than likely be cleaned, the sensor will be an easy and relatively cheap fix and a coolant clean/flush you can easily do. If you find an independant garage this little lot can more than likely be done for a couple of hundred rather than thousand.
  10. rajaquattro

    rajaquattro Registered User

    I have a4 Quattro 170tdi and looked into getting the DPF off it would cost around £425+ vat! There is another option to have a DPF re- generation... But this is only a short term solution! What make diesel are u using? Apparently this makes a difference! Supermarket diesel is harder to burn!!!!
  11. Triple.O.G

    Triple.O.G Registered User

    It shouldn't be making a difference, your only other option is the likes of V-power diesel, you shouldn't have to use that stuff just so your cars run normal, there diesel Audis not Evos. It will help to use the stuff but I'd be annoyed if Audi used that as an excuse for it clogging!

    I would seriously get them removed, £425 now or an inevitable £1000+ later on?

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