TDI 140 and 170 owners please post your MPG


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I had done over 100 miles on the motorway and the DIS was showing 650 left in the tank yesterday, not bad. Obviously wouldn't get this for town driving. And the car has been bluefin'd to allegedly 197bhp.


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Not has my A3 long but when i bought is, the drive from Cardiff to Machester averaged 49.7mpg.

Around town, i've done around 180miles and averaged 43.9mpg.

Mines a 2004/54 A3 TDI S-Line DSG.


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Real world economy (ie fill up, reset milometer, drive, fill up, work out mpg). My first tank of diesel since i bought the car.

56.3 MPG.

Mostly motorway, 60-65 mph average speed.

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54 plate
i get 42-45mpg driving around town local etc
and 55mpg on motorway


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Are some of you guys getting better mpg with engine chips?

Yes I think I am. I have a 2.0TDI-140 common rail and I was getting around 43mpg before the remap. I now get around 47mpg with a mix of driving and some quite short journeys.

When I was on holiday recently in the Mosel Valley in Germany I actually saw 60mpg for one day. That was just pottering around a not going about 60mph at all. For the whole holiday, including a couple of 50 odd mile runs on the Autobahn at around 100-120mph and the journey across France and Belgium my overall average was 54mpg.


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I notice quite a big difference from my manual 140 to my DSG 170

Whether that's a combo of more power and auto gearbox or just one of those, i don't know


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Do you think it makes much of a difference long term from the way you run the engine in from new ?


170 quattro, getting around 35 mpg round town. Don't really know what it'll do on a run, cos i've not done one yet. Ipod is *****, blue tooth is ace as is heated seats. Imo the quattro is a must, there's quite a lot of torque with the 170, but i'm sure some boffs are gonna disagree with me. Good luck mate and try and make your own mind up.


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Is the Quattro worth having? Wondered if the extra weight saps the performance e.g. 30-70 times much. I have just sold my 2ltr TFSi FWD, must have a diesel now and tend to think Quattro will make up for the lack of revs but might take away the speed.


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This is an old thread! But I got a massive crack down my windscreen today (several cracks, about 30cm by 30cm), and I was a little worried, especially with the car being on coilies, so I sat at 50mph for 100 miles, and took it very easy on a few other roads. When I got home I had an average mpg of 65.3 for the journey, well impressed. It was at 67 before leaving the motorway! I never usually get anything like that on the motorway, but may slow down in future!


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If I drive like a crazy person then I get late 40's around 45ish. On the motorway with cruise on at 75 I have had 58mpg average on DIS 1. DIS 2 shows my overall average for the last hawever many miles as 45.5mpg which is good considering I'm not a grandma. I get around 550 miles to a tank too.



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I have a 140 (chipped to around 180), Quattro.

My average is 47-49 mpg, 500miles from a full tank, all local.

On a long journey, I was doing 70mph most of the way and I was getting like 54-56mpg, and around 560 miles from a full tank.

So I would recommend a quattro as there isn't much difference in mpg.


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Hi Guys,
Today on my 2005 A3 Sportback 140TDI on my way up the A2 to work....
I was doing around 68MPG!!!
I swear, and as i was driving over blackheath common i went up to 71mpg. i usually get around 60+ mpg as i mostly drive motorways and around 45mpg in the city.
I will take a pic next time i hit near the 70mark again :)


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I have got 70 or so, but a recent 200+ mile journey back from Bristol got me this 66.8mpg av speed 53mph.

car has now done 17k since august last year, so nearly run in



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£65 notes to fill her up with V-Power to the rim........ 70 Mile per day round trip down the M2 / A2 / Blackwall Tunnel and back.........I see 490-520 Miles per tank!
(Maybe 400 miles if I get M2 / Blubell Hill rage!)


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I still only have 1.3k on the clock so it's not nearly run in yet but I'm averaging 38.7 on the DIS since new... I did see 57.3 on a country drive when stuck behind some Sunday drivers last week though! In all fairness I've been revving it to at least 3500rpm before changing gear to break it in so not exactly driving economically at the moment! :)