Defo worth the wait :)
Cmon then, who has got what and where??

Im looking to get one over the next few weeks between my shoulder blades.

This is going to be my first one, is this a painful area for a tat?

Also, what sorta cost are we looking, is it per design, or is it charged per hour etc??

Thanks in advance...

Oh and any pics would be good too :)


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Small tattoos are usually charged for by design, and larger pieces by the hour. (Although, I guess the price of a small tattoo are worked out by how long they take!) I had all mine done in my late teens and early twenties (10+ years ago) and have some rally dodgy tribal stye scrawls on my arms which I regret, especially the one with a skull on it.
On my upper back I have a large stylised sun which I do still like.

Make sure you go to a well established shop as the ones I'm least happy with were done without researching well enough.


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I'm just havin a sleeve done at the minute might not be to some peoples taste like

Got the bottom half of my leg done aswell, I'll put some pics on later
A good pal of mine does them type in craig cardwell on facebook you can see his work and if you like what u see and are anywhere near blackpool go see him pal...


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got one across the bottom of my back, no im not gay before any1 says, its chineese writing, and going across the spine was the most painful bit, cus of all ther nerves it hurt quite abit, but looks the bolucks


Defo worth the wait :)
Cheers guys, there are a few reputable places that I know near me, so im going to go and check them out, I know of people that have been to them and have seen the work that they do and its impressive.

Dont mind paying the money for it too, as I want to make sure im getting the best for my money.


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I have a dragon that goes from my left shoulder down to just around my elbow, an eagle with mountains, clouds and sun on my left forearm and a skull on my right shoulder.

Try and get your tat's done by an artist rather than someone who just tattoo's for a living.


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The back/ shoulder is sore, intact everywhere is sore

I've writing on my back, my side, arm and bi cep! But the sorest was this



Inside arm was nippy



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I got one on my upper arm which i had when I was 18, boy do I regret that one. Also got one on each inner forearm which mean something special to me. One thing I will say is whatever you decide to have choose wisely as once its there theres no changing your mind, oh and they are quite addictive aswell, and once the outline is done thats the most painful part over IMO.
When its done post up some pics so we can have a look.


Defo worth the wait :)
Wibble, why do you regret it??

Dont worry, im 100% on what I am getting and dont mind having them there for life.....

I hear they are addictive, but one step at a time for the mo ;)


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I have 26 of them, and now hate most of them. They were all done when I was young and stupid. If I had thought more about it I would only have had a couple.
As the others have said, word of mouth recommendation is everything, and make sure you really really want it. I had to have a small cross removed from my left knuckle and have never in my life known pain like it. It is easy 10 times worse than having one done in the first place.


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I've got tribal shoulder to shoulder and then writing across the bottom of my back too, It hurt a little on the shoulder blades but then I am all skin and bones, the lower back hurt more in my opinion. both tats took 2 hours at £120 each. Done at west midlands tattoo center every one i know who's had one from there is over the moon. I do want another on my forearm but as a trainee architect it dosn't scream professionalism hence why I've only got ink on my back
I have two, both on my back. I have 3 small stars on my right shoulder and a little kitten catching a butterfly on the bottom of my spine. The outline is the worst but I didn't think they hurt really. As mine are only small (about 2-3 in) they were between £30-£40.

S3 Rav

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Nilz what you thinking of getting bud?


needs to scratch the itch
Wibble, why do you regret it??

Dont worry, im 100% on what I am getting and dont mind having them there for life.....

I hear they are addictive, but one step at a time for the mo ;)

Sorry for delay in the reply dude, been on holiday lol.

The regret is the picture i choose, a skull & crossbones with a wooden steak through it, not a good choice but hey-ho the things we do in a young drunken stupor lol.


Defo worth the wait :)
Cheers Jase, May take you up on that....

Rav, just thinking of having the little one and the missus's names on my back, but I want them done in a Graffiti style with a design around it which I have seen, I have the 2 seperates, its just a case of putting them together now....

I have spoken to a place near me and they said that they can put it together for me.

Any graffiti artists on here, fancy putting something together for me??


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Nilz, everyone I know who has had their partners name tattoed have split, we are talking six couples here, hence I don't have my wifes name on me.


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its called the curse of the ink.

not sure where it originates from but apparently if you have your lovers name tatted on you then you put a curse on the relationship.

are you superstitious at all? lol


Defo worth the wait :)
LOL....nah not really.....Im quite a traditionalist when it comes to views on Marriage etc and I believe Marriage is for life....hence the decision to get the if we were just going out, that would be a very different story.
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Any chance of starting a NSFW missus' tattoos! :laugh:


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I started with a solitary letter on my back about 5 years ago.. I now have 8 mainly arms and back... Sleeve is next :D


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these are the only 2 that i have photos of, i do have one of my legs completely covered from ankle to knee, this one is almost done, just needs a space on the shin filling in. these photos were taken after each piece so the bottom one shows the current state of coverage. dont mock my penguin tattoo, i have a small obession with penguins.




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Your kids names yes! As they will always be your kids.

Your partner's/wife's name! No way!!

Only my 2p's worth :yes:

I agree with the curse. A friend who had been married over 20 years got his wife's name tattooed. 2 years later they split up.


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I got Wendy tattoo'd on my todger,

When I get excited it reads 'Welcome to Nottingham have a nice day'

( the old ones are the best ) :)


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I have this (photo is 2 years old and I'm about 2 stone heavier lol)


It was just a bit of fun, I'd like something like this on my foot





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Here's mine, its still not finished. My last session was supposed to be 3 hours but i balls'd up big time by not having a meal before hand, was shivering like a gyppos dog after an hour and a half so the guy carried on to the two hour point just doing some outlines for next time.


When i get the thing finished its going to have some red drop shadows and random line work in between............then i can have my calf done then.


i have a smiley face on my ****. beat that