i had new front discs and pads fitted yesterday Tarox sport japan with strada pads £315 inc vat. the strada pads are ferodo ds2500 but badged Tarox (this is a fact). i did approx 50 miles yesterday light footed on the brakes and again 20/30 miles this morning i know everyone will say their not bed in yet but in my opinion their no better than the standard disc and GSF pads i had on. ive only really tested them this afternoon as im off work this week and as ive said their not great. im sure its all to do with the sevo as newer cars have over the top servos, my 09 reg A3 black edition is on another planet braking wise to my S3, im interesred to hear posts from peeps who knows far more than me about brakes, plus perhaps i havnt given them enough time to bed in.


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When was the blake fluid changed last?

They take a couple of hundred miles to bed in properly so dont get too ****** off just yet :)


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my ds2500's take a while to heat up and then they are brilliant. as above they took a fair bit of bedding in with new discs before i stamped on them!


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I upgraded with tarox pads and discs all round (as per sig), miles better than standard havent come across brake fade like the stock discs and pads. Also with brakes I believe the recommendation is 200/300 miles to bed in properly iirc.