Tarnished Avant Roof Rails - What do you recommend?


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Hi all

Newbie to the forum - lots of great information - particularly like the detailing section - wow! :respekt:

One gripe I have with my A4 Avant is that the aluminium roof rails are quite tarnished/tired looking.

When I took it to my main dealer a while back they said to use polish on them to remove the 'tarnish' - tried this but it didn't have any noticable effect.

What do the professional detailers use on these?

Any recommendations on a product to clean these up properly? I've tried Megs Metal Polysh but hasn't made much impact?

Thanks in advance:)


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We use Jeffs Werkstatt Prime Strong for this type of task. If you check out the thread linked below you'll see the effect is has on this type of problem; in the thread Clark demonstrates how well it brings up tarnished wheel caps...


Here is a link to the product on our site for more info on it...


It goes on best with a German Pad (white side) and should be buffed off with MF work towels.

Bit surprised the Megs metal polish had no effect though; it's got a fair degree of bite? :confused:



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I might have another go with the Megs polish this weekend and if not I think I'll be adding the Jeffs to my ever increasing first order from you guys (roll on pay day!)

thanks again