Tappety cam chain? Ticking injectors? or just paranoia?

Hi All,

Got home from work yesterday and noticed the temp had dropped down below 90 (expect it to be another stat dead). Whilst looking in the engine bay to check nothing else was out of place I noticed what seemend like a loud clattering or ticking noice coming from what I thought was the head. Checked the oil and it was about half way down the dipstick so I topped it up this morning and had another listen. The problem is now I can't tell if its tappetty or if i'm just imagining things? My initial thought was cam chain tensionser, but it sounds like the noise could be coming from the injectors....or it could always have been this noisey and now i'm just looking for problems! I made this short vid with my phone but its not got a great mike so it might not help but here goes:

tappety tappety - YouTube

How noisey are your injectors?


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When you get to about 0:38 in the video you can certainly hear the tapping and I would say it's the injectors. Mine are very loud.


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Havnt Heard the clip but the injectors are common for being noisy. Esp on 1.8ts.


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mine same injectors noisy dont worry bud