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  1. Quattro_daily

    Quattro_daily Registered User

    918A96D3-3D4E-43E4-BA45-56A3C969C577.jpeg 83BBF202-3C3A-4AA2-B4FA-C515E7D76D23.jpeg E0349ED8-DFB5-43A5-BC0C-F6228C0F8B96.jpeg 7FE24CC1-2946-4082-B604-3AC419E25FE3.jpeg So ... Iv seen a few rear lights I like I love the shape of the b7 but I would just prefer it if they had better lights front and back !

    Iv seen these tail lights on this car on Instagram really like them I have tried personal messaging the guy to no response unfortunately. Can anyone help ?

    I quite like the look of the first ones however can’t find anything about them on a b7 they look to be more b8 b8.5 style lights ..

    The seconds picture Iv seen they look awesome on a black car with the tinted bits but on light blue/ silver car I’m not for that look prefer just all red. I’ve checked a few websites but nothing you can seem to buy now ? All from years ago

    I have looked on the so called Dectane website but can’t really find anything ..

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