Tail light flickering


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May 27, 2021
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04 a4 brake lights will randomly flash when car is off, random occurrence and only happens when car is off. Please help i have no clue.
Maybe your brake switch at the pedal is faulty. My old golf had something similar and I replaced the switch and it all went away.
Hi....Disconnect your bulbs. Then, at that point, add every one of the factors back, individually.

To begin with, kill the motor and see whether the issue stops on battery voltage alone.

Does the issue possibly exist if the voltage is raised past ordinary battery voltage? (note: no simple way hoist to 14v on battery)

Second, eliminate the bulb and force it straightforwardly; see whether the issue continues. (may get hot - don't hold manually)

Third, reinstall the bulb in the attachment, power it through the tail module's wire tackle.

Fourth, power the bulb further down the tackle... for example, at the transfer. (see circuit outline in *service* (not proprietor) manual prior to endeavoring)

LEDs are especially delicate to control variances in light of the fact that dissimilar to fiber lights, there's moderately little postponement, from the time that they free force, to the time that they really quit creating usable light. Fiber lights invest an impressive energy chilling off. (starting points of the "brown out" state)

The glimmering design drives me to presume helpless association... which might be patch joints. Rather than all LEDs diminishing, it may be the case that a board or even individual LEDs are quickly de/enacting. One of my headlights does comparative however just when at first actuated briefly.