syvo's progress thread


ok people been on here a while and now have decided to start my progress thread.

bought the car back in september 2010

swapped my 106gti plus little bit of cash for it.




when got it home from nice long drive back from boston.

first thing was first give it a good clean as the car was filthy to my standards.



was impressed with the colour more than any thing as the car had been resprayed in liquid yellow.

then after few days searching internet looking at ideas for improvements i came across the wheels which i fell in love with and had to go on the car.



nice trip to wheel place in liverpool got the bbs ch reps done for nice deal with tyres.

decided to get some reg plate holders


sold the awful plate that came with the car for £300 as the lad before wouldnt give me the paper work for the car after i offered to send him the plate back and this went on for 3 months so decided to call it quits and he kept the paper work such as service history etc, i sold the plate and the car got booked in with awesome gti and had cambelt and water pump changed for peace of mind.

while awesome where doing the noticed that the bushes where worn on the front so ordered some poly bushes to replase these and got them fitted at local garage as they needed to be pressed in so these were done along with dogbone bush at same time.

couple of weeks later car went to friend of mine for full service, oil, oil filter, polen filter, haldex oil, gearbox oil, full water flush, all this done so was all up to standard and i felt fine driving the car about with no service history.

decided to create my own oil catch can as was short on cash but wanted to change some bits in the car this is what i came up with.



cheap but effective lol.

also ordered some silicone pipe and made my own inlet manifold pipe with two 45 degree bend.


went to a photo shoot with a friend of mine get some pics of the car for free.



my car and friends R32

motion shot on the way there.

next part i ordered for the car was a boost guage was bit of a pain to fit but after couple of hours routing wires and silicone hose about finally it was installed.

the car was already fitted with a intercooler so for the sake of the cost of a piece of paper decided to spray on a logo.


suspension was on its way out front spring had snapped and the rear spring was missing a coil also the ride height was to high so decided to buy some new suspension was torn between coilovers and shox and spring had B8's on last car was well impressed with them but would have liked to lower the car to my pref so decided to go for coilovers and FK-AK coilovers had great ratings and were good price so these were ordered.


once fitted noticed the camber on the rear was way out so next on the list was to buy rear tie arms to sort the camber out.

couple of days before i went to awesome after the suspension was fitted decided to change the DV the old one was starting to stick every now and then after taking it out testing it i could tell it was on it's way out so decided to invest in a new one bought a forge DV clips i got for it didnt fit so lucky i had some spare clips.



car was ready for good days cleaning ready for the awesome gti show.

can see the colour in this pic well

some of my cleaning gear

couple of finished pics


after the show the modding was put on hold for a bit as spent fair bit just before the show and durring.

picked up a silicone TIP while at the show, some more cleaning products after this i was making a list as to what was needed for ultimate dubs 2012 so decided to get in contact with westy who had some s3 brakes going for sale snapped these up quick, also needed to get HID's fitted as original bulbs were poor in the dark.

in september parked my car out side girlfriends and went out for the night came back to car in the morning nice big key mark all the way down the passanger side all the way back to primer was well P***ed off and bought the paint myself for £30 for a litre of base and a litre of final coat, took the car to penketh auto body's he done a great job on the paint also painted the wing mirrors so the car all blended together nicely.

the cost was reasonable £550 for rear quarter passenger door and front wing and also wing mirrors, will recomend him to any one in warrington, i will be going back when get new rear bumper as i have a A3 rear bumper and after i got the car back the painter told me the lad who had the car before must have spent some money as it was fitted with s3 rear arches also full S3 interior and S3 front wings this was the reason why the rear bumper didnt fit as well due to the fair of the rear arches.

so at the moment i have Silicone tip left to fit along with S3 brakes, Hid kit was fitted over winter. also future plans would involve R32 rear anti roll bar, changing rear lights as dont like smoked ones would prefer standard ones fitted also fron head lights have some marks on them would like to change these for new.

once the small details have been done then the big stuff would follow such as full exhaust system and hybrid K03s turbo and rods then a remap.

so now in 2012 not much as happened upto now car is booked in for full service with oil pick up pipe change in febuary with awesome gti

car is due for full clean before ultimate dubs, other than that i would only maybe have the brakes done before then along with silicone TIP


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You've returned?!

Thought you'd left us mate, where you been?


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Welcome back Syvo!! :)

Looking forward to seeing your progress this year, will catch you at Ultimate Dubs


You've returned?!

Thought you'd left us mate, where you been?

haha nearly m8 nearly bought a seat leon fr couple of weeks ago as ive got new job so was traveling 40 mile a day and was trying to find was to save on fuel but when i cleaned the car i fell back in love with it again.

so the audi is staying for good few years ive not been up to much m8 new job and looking at some new bits i can get for the car.

still need to fit the brakes i got of ya they will be done soon as i can get it in with awesome after ive had the service done, want to ideally get exhaust map rods and few other bits done this year also get new rear bumper lights and get the passanger rear quarter resprayed as got some creases in the paint when it was baked to quick when lad before me got it sprayed so want them out.

up to now going ultimate dubs, inters, aitp and edition 38 this year as not been many shows with the audi so need to show it off and get to meet a few ppl off ere.


Welcome back Syvo!! :)

Looking forward to seeing your progress this year, will catch you at Ultimate Dubs

cheers m8 yeh will catch up with you at ultimate dubs hopefully will have some good plans and progress on the car this year changed jobs in october now recruitment consultant so comision will help a lot with getting stuff done to car hows urs at the mo not had the map sorted yet as last time you were only running low boost


small update

found some rust on rear drivers arch so quick trip to halfrauds got some rust preventer cleaned the area up put the rust preventer on now turned the rust black ready for second coat tomorrow then prime and paint on tuesday.

also found my front drop links which still need fitting when lowered the car last year as the old drop links were to long so cut the drop links and welded them back together for quick fix so they will be getting changed for the correct ones from fk soon.

need to mock up a heat shield out of cardboard and get some metal to fit around air filter then can get new catch can and pipe and fit this to the head shield.

s3 coolent and washer bottle cover is now fitted although need to make a bracket to hold the back of the cover its solid at the moment but has a bolt hole in the cover so that needs a bolt in it on a bracket coming of the car, will probs do this when i get some sheet metal to-do the heat shield.


brembo max discs will be getting ordered soon with some racing brake fluid ready for the s3 brakes to be fitted hopefully before ultimate dubs or week or two after as need to get them painted black and fit audi logo stickers on with clear coat laquer over the top to keep the sticker on.

pay rise at work is on the cards over next month or two along with some commision so can start buying the big things for the car exhaust,rods, hybrid turbo, remap.

once all that is done will probs be looking at wmi this wont be untill end of the year.


small update: car went for service at awesome Gti yesterday feels alot better now, also picked up some goodies while i was there Cat back Pipewerx system which john was selling also got some rear bushes as mine had split they are the big ones that sit near the rear jack points so will have fun fitting them NOT!.

also ordered the discs for the 312mm s3 kit which westy supplied us, these will be getting fitted on thursday along with silicone tip and drop links, the exhaust needs to go back to pipewerx to extend the tail pipe and also change the tip to a oval as dont think the single round tip will suit the car.


pic of the exhaust at awesome gti.



got it home gave it a good clean ready to send to jeff in 3 weeks when next off work.

while in the garage decided to get the carriers cleaned a preped for fitting


how they looked at first.


rubbed down with quick 180 grit then couple of 2000 grits to key off.


finally primed with 2 coats of primer and a light wet and dry between 1st and 2nd coat.

all ready for paint.


small update brakes and drop links getting fitted on sunday maybe tip also.

exhaust booked in with pipe werx on 6th march for tip change and fitted.

will post some pics once brakes are on.

the list to do so far.

new oil catch can and pipes
air filter heat shield
thermostat change
rear discs
s3 rear bumper
paint drivers rear quarter
custom sill covers
front and rear lights
fit cold air feed to air filter
3" down pipe and sports cat
r tech stage 2 map
audi 8p gear knob
custom car mats
r32 arb
power flex rear bushes
full set of falken 452's
paint or polish inlet manifold
rocker cover gasket replace and paint rocker cover

hope fully all this will be done by summer

then will probs look at some new wheels carnt decide between r8's or slr's


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looks good mate, like the progress so far.

personally i'm not a fan of the tinted rear lights.


brakes are now fitted at last.


poor old discs that came off


nice new brembo max discs

carriers fitted and calliper get new lick of paint and some stickers for the brakes

had one problem with the pads mine had a pad sensor wire fitted so cut it from the old pad twisted the wires together and taped them up re-fit the wire and tie wrap it up out of the way light goes off.

also found a thread the other day about miles to a full tank i was shocked to see what mine told me with a fully brimmed tank

the pad sensor light is on on this pic only refitted the sensor yesterday


so as ive got the week off work for ultimate dubs woop woop

decided to get the car cleaned and preped for show





nice cheeky pic of the brakes

once fully cleaned and polished and also 7 and a half hours later





so yesterday was a trip down to jeff at pipewerx he pulled up in his rarther nice rs4

after 4 hours of tweeking with the exhaust as the one i got from awesome was not a simple fit had to change brackets extend the centre pipe and also the bend on the backbox was wrong so had to have that remade.

this is what i was left with



also jeff was nice enough to fit the silicone tip which took him 2mins i was shocked at how quick he changed the tip it was like a F1 pit stop lol.


next part of the progress will be a full new set of tyres and 4 wheel alignment as the last one wasn't done very well and has worn the inside edge of the tyres premiture.

full set of falken 452's will be on order at end of the month and will be fitted at jefferies tyres in warrington along with the wheel alignment.

also found out yesterday that my airfilter was not working correctly so this will be changed for a another air filter and heatshield.


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The HKS filters flow well but they`re sh*t at the actual filtering part of the job lol.


Looks good m8. What tyre profile are you running on???


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Looking good mate, Cant wait till Sunday! Even tho my car looks pretty stock and my wheels are poor :(



Yeh the hks filter is shocking at filtering but give good induction noise I'm running on 225 40 18 carnt wait till sunday car is looking good but will have to clean it again before sunday all fun and games


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yeah i'm hoping to set at mine tomoz if the weather holds up. but then have to drive it Friday down country lanes & that will just destroy it lol. at-least with the main bits out of the way the wax should hold up to the rest "i hope"



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Wow!!!....just.....Wow!!! - what an awesome progress and man oh man didnt you make that A3 look damn sexy!!  Looks awesome bro keep it up and good luck with what the future holds :thumbsup:do you know Janet (Mk4 Lambo) or Katrina (Mk4 R32) from Ultimate Dubs by any chance?Cheers bud


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Oh yeah and how did they cut your exhaust cut out in the rear bumper because that is one brilliant job well done.Cheers


cheers m8 no dont know them two from ultimate dubs might bump into them on sunday, the exhaust cut out was done by pipewerx duno how they did it i was on the phone at the time lol turned round and the exhaust was on.


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@Syvo - all good bro coz that is one clean cut exhaust hole - great job to pipewerx :) and yeah maybe you bump into them - Janet is a really cool chick, she has a fully kitted Mk4 Gti 1.8T with Lambo parts, looks insane!! wish i could attend your guys shows etc coz the one's here in SA are over crowded with Toyota,BMW,Honda's,etc (in my mind you only get VAG and then other cars.....) haha. Keep well and best of luck:rockwoot:Cheers buddy


Ultimate dubs was great show got some good ideas for the car there were only two other yellow audi's there one was same as mine liquid yellow then the other was audi yellow next plans are to get the tyres and tracking sorted then will look at new filter heat shield and re doing the oil catch can so slow month this and next then it will be time for rest of exhaust and getting the rest of the paint finished and try and get remap done before inters


I've seen your motor yesterday at UD Syvo but coul'd catch you there unfortunately. But later I've spotted you by KFC when you were going back to home think. Awesome car m8 but what I've noticed yours rear arches are not s3. It just skirts been reworked as there is no connectors. Now I know how to do it with mine, lol.

All what I need is door moulds.:)

I'll recommend you to put S3 rear bumper or try to fit properly the back one.


cheers m8 sorry i missed u unsure if they are s3 arches but they wider than a3 ones thats for sure the rear bumper doesnt fit due to the bumper beeing non genuine as the lad who had it before me didnt bother getting a genuine bumper and it doesnt fit properly.

the kfc in telford you mean then was with me m8 in his r32


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@Svyo - glad you had fun buddy, you by any chance see a greenish G5 Gti slammed on BBS's or a Purplish R32 on Rota's? post some pics up from the show :) The one Yellow S3 Slammed on Gunmetal BBS's is a guy named Steve. They have been in the scene for a long time :) what new thing you wana do to your car now buddy? Cheers keep well


the kfc in telford you mean then was with me m8 in his r32

Yes m8 I was just coming out from MCD when you been getting right turn. lol

The arches looks same as mine, anyway I'll gonna try to fit skirts to mine, and maybe with a bit of luck they sits same as yours. :icon_thumright:


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@Svyo - Got any pics from UD 2012 buddy? Cheers


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@Svyo - Cool no problem :) Cheers


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Syvo, did any more ever come of that TQS down pipe buy?


not been on hear for a good while nearly decided to sell up the bumble bee although i couldnt part with it, was to be either a s2000 or skyline r33 gtr.

also in the middle of changing jobs as hate current job my advice dont be a recruitment consultant it the most boaring job in the world sorry if people do this but its my opinion, so im now either going uni full time or part time depends on this job im going for at the mo.

if get the job the modding will begin again haha.

not alot of changes headlight has been changed due to crack in it, rear lights have been changed also to standard ones.

tyres are now stretched 215 40 18 on 9j wheels looks good hehe.

the to-do list is still the same, down pipe stage 2 etc.


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Been a while buddy :) Good Luck and safe driving :) Cheers


small up-date, job didnt go through so now at uni full time.

plus side nice large grant from student finance haha. got part time job at euro car parts so some discount on parts. bonus

few parts getting fitted tomorrow;

.rear trailing arm (thanks to Stacy s3)
.rear wheel bearing
.drivers trackrod end
.drivers rear bolts for trailing arm

monday the car will be going back to jefferys tyres in warrrington for attempt number 3 on the geo

after changing the rearbushes on the trailing arms to finally find that the arm was bent so that is being changed and hopefully the car will be all straight. front passenger Tyre leaking air due to stretch so sealant and refitting will solve this.

ordered few parts tonight

.air filter heat shield assuming its from Dave as its coming from Yorkshire and only person i know out there making them.
.oil catch can
.drivers headlight
.heater blower - has been buzzing for a while now so needed changing

in a bidding war with an s3 rear bumper so hopefully win this.
will be ordering inlet manifold gasket and rocker cover gasket at work tomorrow.
also a new horn as this decided to die when beeping to get m8's attention just gave out a pathetic noise both looked at the car and was like wtf was that.

rear quarter respray will be put back untill easter now due to cold weather and hassle.

front bumper to be filled and resprayed where cracks have formed when get rear bumper.

will be sending inlet manifold and rocker cover off to bro when got couple of days spare and dont need the car, will be sprayed same color as the car.

wheels will be sent once tyres need changing to be refurbed and spayed in Ferrari grey.

r32 anti roll bar to be ordered from VW next couple of days and powerflex bushes to go with it. probs do this when bumper is off and waiting on new one to be sprayed.

once all this has been done hopefully over winter can start looking to get 3" downpipe sorted for the new year and off to rtech before easter. then just paint to sort for the shows next year.