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Symphony II head unit upgrade or aux add on?

Bad Sir Culation Jan 3, 2018

  1. Bad Sir Culation

    Bad Sir Culation Member

    I don't want to mess up the Bose system but I need a head unit that I can either play BT audio to or that I can plug an aux cable in at the very least. What are the options nowadays?
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  3. thawatchai2510

    thawatchai2510 Member

    Pass Fm

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  4. Bad Sir Culation

    Bad Sir Culation Member

    Is that an FM transmitter? I'd rather not use one for quality reasons to be honest.

    If I replace the Symphony II with a double din aftermarket HU will it be an issue to connect to the BOSE setup or can you get ISO cables that do the job properly?

    DONNYDARKO New Member

    I use a little plug in unit that goes into the cd changer socket. It's made by Apps to car. Cost around 50quid took 30 min to fit. It has a bluetooth connection plus a 3.5mm jack. A bonus is you can also plug a memory stick in also. On ebay. Hope this is of help.

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