Symphony Casette not working


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Up until yesterday, I use to use those casette with the 3.5mm jack adapters to stream music from my phone. The casette will go in but within 5secs, it will automatically switch to a fm radio station. I've put a new casette in to eliminate casette fault, however problem is still there. It's the Casette/6CD inter grated symphony which is powered by a Bose amp (oem setup). Is this a common fault? Is there a repair for this?


W.Bro.Paul 2.0d Q5 Quattro
Try to eject all cassette's reg or adapter , now (if you have the radio code) disconnect the car battery, for over 15 min's, If you have radio keys then just pull the radio out and unplug it and leave the battery alone, try plugging it back in and see if its reset itself, if that fails then your going to be shopping for a newer unit !


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or get an adapter like connects 2 that'swhat i have plugged in to the back of my non bose symphony unit and it works a treat