Swiss wax - effect on paintwork?

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I recently came across an outfir which praises themsleves on using swiss wax products on the car - what effect does 'handwaxing' have on the paintwork? Is this really the best way to conserve & protect the paint? How often should this be re-applied?



I have been told you only apply wax in straight lines from panel edge to edge slightly overlapping the last pass, using a machine "can" leave a swirl effect on the wax.

Last time I used sealant wax and I could see the "swirl" but once I turned off the 1000w lamp I would not see them with normal daylight.



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I have found that when I apply wax with my hands I get through more product than when using an applicator. For me a twist of the applicator in the pot should be enough for a bonnet and two front wings, once the applicator is loaded up. Different waxes may not go as far (I have Glasur, Purple haze and Orange crush) but you aim to put it on as thinly as possible. Your product lasts longer and it's easier to buff off (less smears)
I have experienced some pretty wicked beading on my hands when washing them afterwards though!:laugh:

How long it lasts depends on driving and weather conditions and the condition of the paint before the wax is applied, the wax is really just a top coat to preserve the finish you have been working on, might add a little to the finish but the majority of the look is in the preparation before hand. If you have got a nice clean surface for the wax to bond to then at least a month, maybe three, rarely six imho. I normally reapply every 2-3 months. My pot of Glasur has lasted me 3 years and still going strong, a bit of initial outlay but it does last a while.
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Tip when using a applicator to apply the wax, first dampen the applicator with warm water (not wet) and the swipe it over your wax. the wax will glide on and go a little further.