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Sussex Car show and BBQ 23RD June 2013

cossie333 May 19, 2013

  1. cossie333

    cossie333 Member

    Sussex Car show and BBQ

    From 9.30 till 3 its at the BA Wingspan club on whitworth road,crawley,west sussex rh11-7ss its just a chill out day with food so why not come along get them cars out see you all here.

    Last year we had a similar meet with over 200 cars there
    Last meet at this venue as its being sold back to British Airways
    who’s up for it?

    here’s the fb page, like if you have not already :)

    Heres a video of an old skool ford meet we did 2 years ago and this was the turnout so you gather how big this one will be
    BA Wingspan summer show, plenty of burnouts - YouTube

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