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Suspension upgrade suggestions, experience for S4 B8

Deckard Mar 4, 2018

  1. Deckard

    Deckard Member


    Revo have suggested bilstein b16 pss10 for my b8 S4 with Revo 1+ upgrade.
    MRC suggested Eibach springs & H&R ARB's.
    Do you guys have any other suggestions including spring & ARB combinations & your experience of the ride?

    It must not be too hard as our family daily driver but needs to be better for occasional track days. Thanks all.
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  3. RyanJonS4

    RyanJonS4 Drive It Like You Stole It

    Eibach springs always seem to get glowing reviews on any platform, not just ours. I’ve never used them personally but wouldn’t hesitate to go for them if I was going down the springs route again.

    I had H&R super sport springs installed not long after I bought my s4 as a stop gap until I got my coil overs. Given the chance again I’d have gone with the eibachs. The H&R turned my car into the worst riding car I’ve ever had the pleasure of riding in.

    I’m now on kw v3’s and they are 1000x better over every type of surface at any speed. I don’t use my car every day and I like my cars low. I’m as high as I can be in the rear and it’s still pretty low to the point where normal speed bumps have to be taken at walking pace, and the ones that are little lumps in the middle of the road that your wheels pass either side are a no go.

    What mileage and how old are your dampers? If they’re any age/mileage it would be worth replacing them while at it.
  4. ianv5

    ianv5 Active Member TeamMisano Team V6 Audi S4 Audi Avant Owner Group quattro

    Eibach sport springs and 034 Rear ARB on my S4 Avant. Wife didn't notice any difference in ride, but it definitely feels flatter on corners
  5. xpoweruk

    xpoweruk TTTS 8J Smile Machine Team Meteor quattro Audi TTS

    Bilstein B8's will be a good compromise between the 2 options mentioned.
  6. Deckard

    Deckard Member

    Hi Ryanjons4, thanks, the dampers are at 125,000 hence the thoughts on Bilstein 16s. TC garage have also recommended KW street comfort.

    Thanks Ian

    Hi Xpoweruk, I had Bilstein b8 & eibach springs on my e46 m3 and they were excellent, so tempted with that set up.

    The problem, or confusion comes with all the separate recommendations from the different garages.

    My thoughts are that I need to replace the dampers onetime soon, so I might as well go for springs, dampers, arb's and a suspension set up in one go. But springs and dampers or coilers ?

    Below are the options so far, does anyone have any other setup's and/or real world experiences, thanks all.

    Revo - Bilstien B16 PSS10 (electronic) & Eibach ARB’s. (on all 4 development S4's)
    MRC - Eibach springs & H&R ARB's.
    TC Garage - KW Street Comfort
    Ian - Eibach sport springs and 034 Rear ARB
    Ryan - KW v3’s
  7. DPM

    DPM Site Sponsor Site Sponsor

    The B16 kit is overkill for an everyday use car with the occasional track visit.

    I'd say Bilstein B12 kit with Eibach ARBs or if you wanted the ability to adjust height then KW V2 or Street comfort coilovers.

    Damian @ DPM Performance
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  8. RyanJonS4

    RyanJonS4 Drive It Like You Stole It

    It’s all going to come down to budget really which way you go with it. With 125k miles, I’d be looking more at a full refresh if you want to change the way the car feels to drive. There’s no point really upgrading arb’s if you’ve got old soft bushings in, likewise a
    £1500 set of coilovers will be a waste also. While fitting whichever setup you go for you’d be as well either polly bushing your existing arms or getting a new kit like 034’s with new track rod ends, drop links etc as your 75% there with the labour while at it.

    Bushings are more often than not over looked for a shiny set of springs/shocks/roll bars yet in my experience there’s nothing makes a car feel new again like a bushing refresh.
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  9. Deckard

    Deckard Member

    So, after a hot summer, B12 Bilstein Pro kit is going on next week. It is supposed to be complemented by a 034 Rear ARB but... Awesome do not, for some reason, sell 034 anymore and out of stock everywhere else.

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