Suspension: Stock or Magnetic?


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Just wondering/comparing S3 stock suspension vs “magnetic ride”.

Which will be stiffer? Stock or magnetic in “sport” mode?

Will it worth including magnetic ride on an S3?



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Most have reported back forget it on the S3 but the TT is good, so I would leave of & then go aftermarket, your choice mate, but also have you had a test drive in an S3 with mag so you can see for yourself.

& I would say mag with sport mode given the design of them.


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I suspect Mag with sport mode on will be stiffer than stock. But then again, do you want to drive around all day with stiff suspension? Maybe i'm getting old but i enjoy i a comfy ride and option to change it


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Mag ride comfort is slightly softer than stock (IIRC from the test drive of the stock car), closer to s-line. Sport mode is much harder that the normal S3 setup. I'm happy with it, as keeps the family comfee, and gives me something better to "play" with on my own.

Having said that, sport mode is at the limit of whats usable on a bumpy B road.

Good luck with finding a test drive though!


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Personally, go stock then upgrade with an aftermarket kit :)


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Thanks all for the info.

@pcmanning, can you manually disable "sport" mode or will it activate no matter what on every bump/turn?