Suspension problem? 2 Solutions.


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Hi every one.

The car has been to the garage for its annual service. The girl has only done 4k this year.

I knew that both lower suspension arms were bit poorly. Now they are fully cracked and need replacing.

I am more the happy to do all the work my self. I am not sure which kit to buy as i might as well replace quite a few parts apart from top arms and the "special bolt".

Two parts are below but not sure which one is for the B8.5 and why the price difference.

or more expensive.

Can you point me in the right direction.

Its a 2012 B8.5.

Thank you.


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The thread size on the track control arms are different on the 2 kits one is an M14 and the other is M12. You will need to measure the thread size then order the right kit. It wont fit otherwise.


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Nice price, wow - is that what lower arm kits actually cost? First off Meyle HD kit should come with 4 year warranty. I see they are offering 2 years? Meyle is excellent quality, but also price out Lemforder which is OE as far as I'm aware as a comparison. Personally I wouldn't fit anything else other than these two brands. Once the whole front is done, you'll need a tracking check anyway. Couple of pointers. I've done this job on a B5 A4 Quattro 2.5 V6 and it was a pig of a job, not even including the dreaded pinch bolt, but the B8 is different, especially accessing some parts, and altogether a heavier beast. Torque up arms with the vehicle on the ground or you'll stress the bushes.

Lastly - Autodoc. I ordered Zimmerman coated discs and pads a few weeks ago. Website is excellent, but be prepared for a wait. I think I waited two weeks as the parts were coming from Germany and I paid a little extra if parts were wrong. Trustpilot is littered with complaints. I think the key is to definitely know what you're ordering. If you need to send anything back, then that's going to be an issue with getting a refund, etc. Order with Paypal or a credit card in case of a dispute.

What's Eurocarparts like price-wise on Lemforder? At least they are local outlets, if you can be bothered with their Mickey Mouse promotions.

Not sure if Murray's direct is still operating in Hatfield? Excellent staff - and they supply Meyle and Lemforder parts.


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Hi Guys, thanks for the info and measured up its M14. Ordered the whole set for £560 which is amazing considering the garage wanted as much just for the two bottom lower arms.

Found this guide which is also great help with torque settings ect.

Now just wait and see. I don't think ill change the top arms unless they are in bad condition as pinch bolt is a pain as every one says.

Thanks for the help every one.