suspension mods?


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I have a friend with a 2001 2.5 tdi FWD saloon, 100k on the clock.

He wishes to upgrade the suspension on a budget. He is disappointed with the current handling, his car is an SE not a SPORT

He is finding that he is often having to buy extra road in order to get a decent line on corners. Are the springs likely to be on their way out after 100k?

Should he go for new springs/shocks?

How much?

Where to go?

Thanks in anticiaption


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hi do you mean 2001 b6 model? if so wrong forum however i have an se model 2000 year i have put on H&R springs kept the same shocks lowered by 35mm defo worth the money should have done it years ago


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i have got spax suspention on my fwd 2.5 tdi. it says its for the v6 but i would buy ones Specific for the v6 tdi as i still find them too soft for the diesel lump. i will be changing them at some point