Suspension Fault Alarm

Malc P

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Hi Everyone
I have a 64 plate RS5 from new. A couple of months ago I had a suspension failure warning light come up. Had it checked and it was '776 Vehicle levelling sender - left front- g78 Open circuit/short circuit to positive
Was advised to leave for a while but it returned so had the sender unit replaced. All ok for a couple of weeks then problem returned. Returned it to garage but they could not resolve so advise Audi main dealer to sort.
Took it in last Wednesday 12th June. After a while diagnosed a front left suspension strut required replacement. Bummer.
Was then told they (an Audi main dealer) needed a 'special tool' to change strut, which they didn't have and wont have till this Wednesday 19th June !!
Two Questions
1 Does a new strut sound like it will solve the problem? - I am certainly not convinced!
2 Is a special tool required to change a strut on an RS5?
Many thanks


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Cannot comment on the first question, but for the second it does require several specialist tools to change the struts on the RS models