Surround sound


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Here’s one for you guys.
I have a very good surround sound set up that I’m happy with but wanting to move it to another room.
problem in the new room is it’s huge and hard wood floors and I don’t want to trek 20-30m of cables around the room along the skirting boards.
is there a wireless unit I can use to power the rear surround speakers instead of cables from receiver to speakers. Fronts are fine as they will be close enough to the amp just the rears.
if any of you have came across a good option I will like to know which.
There are a few about, I googled this myself after I put in some composite skirting boards to hide the cables. I’ll PM you some stuff. Issue you’ll have is the amp rating at the rears. Cost IIRC was about £200, and you’d still need some way to power the unit. Then the AVR side transmitter has to be powered as well.


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