surely not??

Wow thats cheap, mileage looks justifiable looking at pics of the interior but can never be sure.
No phone number on the add?

Usually means they want you to e-mail them, and they then try to con you into sending them money, and they will ship you the car....

Could be genuine tho.....

Worth an e-mail to request a phone number.
Saw the same add yesterday on pistonheads, unfortunately its a scam 100%, pistonheads is now full of these nigerian scammers.

If you look at the contact details he only has an email address, if you email him he will probably come back with some story saying the car is out of the country but to secure it you can pay him through western union etc etc.

Also the chances are the vehicle is being sold legitimately on the internet somewhere on autotrader/ebay but the scammer has just copied the photos and description over.
its a scam

i have just reported the advert.

its been on a few times and when you send an email you get a response in poor english stating that cat is abroad
wow what a spec, its got an AM/FM Stereo. Pretty good radio to have FM. So good, its mentioned twice on the description.
scam, if it doesnt have a number to call and it describes the car like that 100% scam
it was bound to happen with the new tax rises:whistle2: