Supersprint Cat Bypass pipes


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Hi Guys,

Been interested in the Milltek Cat bypass pipes, but got warned off by the fact they are marked up as "not for road use". Someone on here has posted that Audi Tech's are refusing to work on their cars if they see them. I suppose there may be other issues of legality if they are marked up this way and you were involved in a serious RTA and the cop's inspected your car.

Because of this i looked around for an alternative and found these by Supersprint:-
Supersprint Front Pipes Kit Left + Right - (Replaces the Main Cat), Audi A3 Sportback 8P , Sportback 2.5 TFSI 340Hp 2011 On Road Use

Does anyone have any experiances of these?

The important thing is the are advertised as "for road use".


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I can't see what could be different from the milltek ones, basically are just two pieces of straight pipe, or am I wrong.:think:


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Can you not find them cheaper any where else I have milltek ones fitted to my TTRS and got them fitted for that price


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£234 for two straight bits of pipe is tbh a p*ss take!

No idea why they are marked not for road use as they dont even make the car sound loud enough to cause any issues, Nor do they in fact reduce emissions to any illegal level.

I'd stick with the Milltek option, tried tested, sound great and cheaper!!!!!


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Probably marked not for road use as they should not be on your car on the queens highway! Catalytic converters are there for a purpose and you need them for the MOT.


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Guy's i 'm not stupid, i know i can get the Milltek's for a lot cheaper. Its the "not for road use" that concern's me. People have posted that Audi won't work on the car if they see them. I know this isn't a biggy as you can always take them off if you need work doing.

What does concern is, have you told your insurance and if so how did you describe them, as i'm pretty sure if you declare i'm fitting Cat bypass pipes that are not designed for road use, they will probably look at this with a dim view.

Also just consider that you are involved in a serious RTA that involved, god forbid, a fatality, how are the cops going to respond when they see not designed for road use?

The interesting thing is that, yes they are just a set of s/steel pipes, and must be the same beast so why does Milltek go to the trouble of stamping them not for road use, but Supersprint advertise they for road use?


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Fitting a "Not for road use" cat bypass is not going to aid any prosecution against you in an RTA. Instead your manner and speed of driving will be the primary issue.

As long as you have informed your Ins company that you have fitted the Milltek pipes then your covered. (Which i have)

I'd suggest Milltek stamp them up as its a cat bypass to cover them for any issues should the car fail an emissions test.

Buy the Millteks and just take the badge off if its an issue.


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Another debate that's been around as long as car tuning, I've never seen a definitive answer. As with Milltek the Scooby, Evo tuners used to advertise the 'decat' options as 'for Motorsport/track use only' but I know plenty who did this on road cars and they used to tell me their insurers were ok with that. I have no reason to doubt them.

Just my opinion and way of doing things but I'd suck up the extra cost and go for a sports exhaust with sports cats. Yes the full decat releases a little more power (5-10bhp) on Scooby/Evo on the Rolling Road but on road and track the cars performed identically.