SuperSport seats - can you remove the rear plastic coloured section?


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Feb 27, 2019
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Can you easily remove the plastic section on the rear of the supersport front seats?

You can order them separately so they must come off but I've not seen anyone do it or tell how it's done
So I've been told, I asked a VAG parts dept about the Supersport seats if ordered from them and they told me that each part is ordered separately from the bases, back to the plastic trim part....

I have the black backs on mine but I was considering looking for the red ones as in your pic above, they'll be expensive of course :)
Mine are also black (that was just a random internet picture) but i have an 'audi exclusive' blue and thought maybe the backing would look good in the same colour - i guess the cheaper option is to get them wrapped as like you say, I imagine it's one of the most expensive pieces of plastic on earth!
wow, that is expensive plastic. I assume they could be wrapped for a smaller cost?
holy moly! thanks for finding the price ... that's ridiculous!
Wrapping has got to be the way forward assuming they can do the proper colour in a wrap? (not that clued up on wrapping)
If you change your mind the part numbers for the red as seen above are:

8X3881989BBY1 & 8X3881990BBY1
Nothing from Audi is cheap! Some margin being made on a plastic trim :angry:
Would like to understand costs if being wrapped? Mine are black and have little scuffs on them, unless there is another way of getting those scuffs off the plastic?

Speak to a local wrapper and see what they recommend. Has to be cheaper than new covers from Audi

As for the minor scuffs you can buy fine scratch polish that might remove them. Make sure you get one that’s suitable for plastic trim though. A detailer can probably help here.