Superpro Wishbone/ Ball Joints


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Dec 1, 2012
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South Yorkshire
Hello All,

After a bit of insight into this before I do anything... I'm not into low lows or suspension mods per se

After a holiday found my suspension on the S3 has collapsed into a more juddering mess after standing still.

As a result I'm in for the suspension doing now - 101k on original bits.... I shouldn't really be surprised.

Going down the H&R Cup Suspension and H&R ARB's, to compliment them some RS3 top mounts new drop links etc.... whilst I'm in there I'm thinking of the Superpro Supaloy control arm kit, so polybushed light alloy control arm and anti lift included. I'm happy with that concept.

But, has anyone also had their adjustable ball joints?

If so,

> Are they worth it over new std fixed position joints?
> From what I've read they add up to 5mm of movement/ adjustment?
> Anyone fitted them with TTRS/RS3 brakes + 370mm discs (interference ?)

I will add I'll be going for tracking/ setup after I do all this, so ideally the adjustable ball joints, if they fit would add *something* to this process.

I fitted the super pro arm kit and don't think that any more camber is necessary for fast road driving, the turn in and cornering are epic. Guess the adjustable ball joints are more for track stuff. I worry for my tyres at the mo

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Ahh that's good to know, will save a few £, will just go for std new ones... it's never going to go lower or see a track!

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I have the same dilema, Ive been advised that 3deg camber is possible and for fast road 1 half deg is about spot on.
Apparently you get less wheel hop and more traction when accelerating out of wet bends, this is on a fwd might be completely different with the s3 setup.
Well guys, I went for them in the end.

Weighed up what the annoyance and extra work of it needing just a little bit more adjustment ability when being setup vs not....

Figured they sell the kit for the RS3, so the concept should be ok with setup.

Ended up with coilovers anyway, so, you never know might be more useful one day

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