Supaguard/diamondbrite protection


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Apr 17, 2016
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When I collected my car last weekend there were a couple of marks on the leather seats. Sales guy tried a couple of products to remove them but it didn't work.

After getting the Sales Manager involved and expressing my disappointment, I was offered the full interior and exterior protection pack (think they use diamondbrite?).

Now I would never pay £350 for this, they'll do it for free. I've heard bad reports though re the paintwork so debating what to do? I'm fairly neurotic about things like swirls and would normally detail myself. Even if they protect it I'll still at least wax it every 3 months.

Anyone got any views or experience on this?
Firstly, don't accept the marks and tell them you'll reject the car if the seats cannot be replaced. Second, they are conning you into having something in compensation that'll cost them little.
Hold your ground, you have consumer rights...
I agree with both comments above, and if this was a new car then be prepared to reject it - the law is on your side.

I have had cars with dealer-applied protection before but my S5 was done by a professional detailer. The difference is astonishing. My detailer told me a few anecdotes about his direct experience of what is done at the dealers and he told me that a small fraction of that £350 would go to the actual cost of the work anyway. The job would be done so quickly that it is possible that in some respects the car would be worse as a result!
Agree with all of the above. Don't do the dealer protection. Don't accept the car if it's not right.
Decision made then! I will tell them I want a full professional detail by a local reputable company. Would have told them this Friday when they were supposed to call me but they didn't. I'm kind of pleased as it adds fuel to my growing fire!
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As long as it come with a assurance the marks will be gone, if not insist on another fix..
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Oh I'll be lik a dog with a bone, it must be perfect in every way or it will be rejected.