Sunscreen finger marks

Edd1e 123

New Member

Took my recently acquired A5 out yesterday and noticed what appear to be sunscreen stains/finger marks around the passenger door handle surround and sun visor. Warm soapy water hasn't worked and I was wandering if any of the detailing guru's had any suggestions ? I've ordered some citrus APC as I've heard that might work. Any suggestions gratefully received.
A clay bar does have micro abrasives in it and would probably work to get it off pretty well. For an Audi S3 interior I recently did, I used Koch Chemie Pol Star, which works to remove sunscreen marks on leather and fabric. Koch Chemie Green Star (an APC), starting at 1:20, should be sufficient for harder materials such as plastic. If it's stubborn, baked on or been on there for some time, a ratio of 1:10 should have the kick, along with some elbow grease.