Sump bolts removal


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Dec 1, 2012
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Brighton East Sussex
Hi I was just wondering if anybody has taken off the oil sump on A4 1.8T cabriolet Ive been told there is four subframe bolts I was just wondering if the sump bolt are very accessible or are there any hidden bolts to worry about many thanks
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2 sump bolts at the rear, hidden up behind fly wheel. You need to rotate the flywheel to line the groove in it with the bolts to get access to remove..
Yes thanks very much we are going To try and do it from above is it very easy to do as don't fancy undoing the subfram we have got a engine brace but not got a engine hoist any advice would be much appreciated
That's the only way to access it made, it's inside the gearbox bell housing with two small holes to get a long narrow socket through.
If you can do this job on a ramp with a gearbox lift thing for safety you will probably save yourself two hours.