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Hi there! New to Audi. Collected my S1 3 weeks ago after a long 4 and half month wait!! Well worth it, I love it!

I am so new to Audi that i really will need help with a lot i reckon. My previous cars since passing at 17 back in 2007 have all been Mini. Mini Cooper, Mini Cooper S and Mini JCW.

I collected my S1, Sully, all wrapped in delivery wrapping paper and took him straight to local detailer where he was stage 1 corrected then ceramic coated outside and in. Best thing ever. Cleaning takes 20 minutes if that!

Here is he is. He's lovely :)

LC x



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Nice car and welcome, put a ASN sticker on him.


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Very Nice!
Welcome along!


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Excellent shout on taking your new motor straight to a detailer, will help keep it looking like that for a while longer!