suitable ground point for electrical instal


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I am retro fitting some front fogs to my car.

I have the kufatec loom, and the instructions are follows

Please disconnect the battery before starting installation.
Please wire the loom starting from the fog lights to the following connections:
Wire configuration:
Gray - control unit for central electric connector D PIN 2
Gray/ Yellow - control unit for central electric connector A PIN 4
Brown - Ground point - Battery
Single loom - Light switch 10-pole connector – PIN 5 --- to the control unit
for central electric 16-pole connector E PIN 6
Connectors are marked directly on the control unit for central electric.
Looms need to be wired through the rubber beak underneath the battery. Therefore the battery needs
to be removed as well as the carrier below.
After installation you need to code the control unit for central electric to fog lights.

Would some one be able to clarify what is the ground point?

Is it the negative on the battery connection, or is it ok to just connect to a metal part of the chassis as a ground?

Sorry, but my electrical skills are lacking a fair bit :)


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Its a grounding point on the body, i've seen people using the bolt at the fusebox when doing the coming home mod but there's a proper one below the fusebox/central electronics module at the inner arch. If you remove the trim where the bonnet catch is you will see it. It has brown wires going into it.