Suicide Squad


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Anyone else watched this? I thought it was very good, definitely liked the introduction and the music used throughout the film. Jared Leto played Joker really well too. Margot Robbie was a delight to watch also :)

Snake Pliskin

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Finally got round to seeing this too.

After hearing some very so so reviews I went in with low expectations .... & found it very watchable.

Not great but enjoyed it so well worth a watch.


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I've seen it but honestly I think they did a bad job of portraying The Joker. But that's just my opinion. Can't say it was a really bad movie, but it was nothing to write home about either.


Mr. Poinky

"I've seen it but honestly I think they did a bad job of portraying The Joker."

Indeed, he was not only portrayed bad but his screen time was also awful - I felt he was added there just to fill in the "famous character" spot.

But there was one thing I really loved: the soundtrack. Damn, some tracks are just epic!


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Anyone watched the extended edition? More Joker in that and a lot of the scenes you saw in the trailers which got cut from the film are back in it.

Heath Ledger's joker was always going to be hard to beat but Leto did a good job. Hope they bring him back in the future