Subby Ratchet - Which one?


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Hi all

I am not sure why (yes I do! it is those damn Snap On videos on you-Tube! Best way to waste time online!) but I got a want for a 3/8 snap on stubby ratchet. I cannot justify the costs at this point (even second hand one feels too expensive @ £50), so I started looking at alternatives. I really don't need one, but I want to try them and add to my tool collection.

Ebay was my go to 'store' and came across the US Pro set (1/4 ratchet, 3/8 ratchet and 1/2 ratchet) for approx. £25 posted.

Has anyone tried these. Are they ok to use once in a blue moon? or are they made of chocolate and am I better spending £25 somewhere else...Halfords do a flexi head 3/8 one for £20.

I know its only £25 and prob worth a gamble, but thought I would ask for any recommendations for a similar price point.

Thank you



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Stubby ratchets, I have over the years bought many ratchets of all sizes and a set of stubby ones, okay they were cheap but I only ever envisage using them in restricted areas and only after the fastener has been slackened off initially, so ultimate strength was not a consideration for me.
Where I let myself down by buying a cheap set is that I have ended up with a set of stubby ratchets that have a very "stiff" ratchet action - so they quickly became not to useful when using on initially slackened off fasteners, I might even have a set of these ratchet things that you fit to a ring spanner, or maybe still only considering them, also got a set of Laser Tools "hand" 1/4+3/8+1/2 socket turner things - okay no ratcheting action but maybe useful!