Stuttering on idle and under power


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Mar 19, 2013
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Morning all,

Just had a terrible drive into work in my S3. The past couple of weeks the idle when cold has been very poor and I've had to apply a little throttle to keep it from cutting out. This morning the car started fine but under power it would stutter. I had a similar issue to this once before and it boiled down to the MAF.

Does anyone have any suggestions?


you will need to get it scanned really but I had the same with a maf. get it scanned first then you'll know which route to take :thumbsup:
A friend has a reader so I'll plug that in and see what it brings up.
If it drives "ok" with light throttle I would suggest map sensor or more likely failing coil packs.
There is still some stuttering when driving on a constant throttle. Is there a way to see if the coil packs are going or just a case of replacing them and hoping that sorts it?
I just about got home, the car went into limp home mode! Turned out coil 2 had failed. £20 later and I'm back up and running and back on full power.

Cheers for the help guys.